Esteemed Advisors and Distinguished Participants,

It is my utmost honour and pleasure to welcome you to the fifth edition of Darüşşafaka Model United Nations Conference, that will be hosted at Darüşşafaka High School of İstanbul, Turkey.

This year, we will be focusing on the theme of “Borders: Promoting the passage of both physical and ideological entities across boundaries”. In the world that we are living in, we are facing serious threats coming up from different aspects of life. From civil wars to political crises between countries, from the failure in providing vital rights and materials to every individual –to economic negotiations between notable corporations, we can identify one common trend: the mismanagement of borders both physical and social, and notably the infringements that are committed on a daily basis.

At a time, when we witness countries conducting grand espionage activities, rigged elections that show us how certain power and ambition can create a rampant leader that will not recognize any boundaries or legislations. The idea of a boundary can mean many things to many people, physical boundaries that surround countries and our internal boundaries that we abide to from our conscience. The disregard of these aforementioned boundaries causes altercations that can spiral into conflicts if not given timely attention and support, it is my intention that our efforts during the conference will provide long lasting solutions that will ensure peace and tranquillity both in the physical world and amongst the social boundaries that we have created for ourselves. 

With its completely reformed structure, DŞMUN will be offering a sensational Special committee: Historical Council, with its crisis-based system, I believe that it will create a memorable experience for all its participants. We anticipate announcing the topic in early June 2017.

In lieu of the Executive Board, I assure you that we will be giving our fullest to create an exceptional atmosphere for all of you to have a conference to be remembered for years to come.

Yours sincerely,


Secretary General of DŞMUN’17