Esteemed Advisors and Distinguished Participants,

It is my utmost honour and pleasure to welcome you to the sixth edition of Darüşşafaka Model United Nations Conference, that will be hosted at Darüşşafaka High School of Istanbul, Turkey.

This year, we will be focusing on the theme of “BRAVE NEW WORLD: Ensuring International Security in an Ever-Developing Word”. At the dystopia of Aldous Huxley it mentions a society which is developed by technology and science. This society is constructed at its fabric with predetermined quality, behaviours in specialized areas. However Brave New World is somewhere where war, violence, robbery and poverty do not exist but race equality, prosperity and technologically developed society do. In the 21st century, the world is said to be completely different but it is negatively influenced by rapidly developing technology.

Technology is involved in our lives in many branches such as economy, politics, arms, security of personal information, manufacturing and more. There are many advantages thereof but it isn’t bound with advantages. By mismanagement and misuse we are facing serious issues which affect our ever-developing world. Anonymous money transfers are enabled with the rise of crypto currencies that could be beneficial for the black market and money laundering, unemployment induced by industrialization in manufacturing, and the aim of compromising upon sovereignty of states regarding domestic and international territories- misdirected political and military intervention. That is why as the Executive Team of Darüşşafaka we wanted to cease the misuse and mismanagement of technology and find solutions that will turn these innovations to the benefit of our society.

On behalf of the Executive Board, I assure you that we will be giving our fullest to create an exceptional atmosphere for all of you to have a conference to be remembered for years to come.
Yours sincerely,

Secretary General of DŞMUN’18
Doğa Eyin