DŞMUN’18 provides buses to all participants during the conference, from the conference venue to both the social event and the Closing Ceremony along with the General Assembly Plenary Session. These services are free of charge since these are already covered by the registration fee.

Apart from that, for a favourable fee, there is also a shuttle service provided by DŞMUN’18 to participants coming from outside of Istanbul. Shuttle buses will be serving from/to the airport and participants’ hotels.

The shuttle service is still being arranged and we will anounce the necessary information and details as soon as possible on this page. Please do not forget to check the website regularly.

We are willing to prepurchase public transport cards for your own private use. These may be used on all Metro and bus lines. If you require this service please contact us with the amount of cards you require. These can be collected and paid for on arrival.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information or help regarding the transportation issues. You can reach the contacts and school address by clicking this button