​Political Committee

  • Assessing the current civil turmoil and its implications on fundamental sociocultural values and enterprises in Venezuela.
  • Addressing the ongoing conflict across the Greater Sahel and Lake Chad Basin.
  • Tackling the increasing rates and ramifications of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Disarmament Committee

  • Reappraising the arms control issued by the Warsaw Pact and confronting the proliferation and distribution of weaponry that has transpired in the intervening time period.
  • Tracking arms that are issued by coalition powers at border crossings between and around Syria, Iraq and their neighbouring countries.
  • Taking steps to engender the demilitarization of the Arctic Circle.

Human Rights Committee

  • Assessing the humanitarian plight of Rohingya Muslims against Myanmar.
  • Surveying the rapidly increasing rates of child mortality due to malnutrition and substandard sanitation levels among the affected regions in Yemen.
  • Reviewing the decades-long issue of sexual abuse of children by the members of or associated with the Catholic Church and Holy See.

Environmental Committee

  • Preventing the startling decline of bio-diversity in Caucasus Region.
  • Eradicating the pernicious consequences of the oil industry and its operations at the Niger Delta.
  • Discussing possible measures to be taken to combat ocean acidification.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Creating a suitable environment for the upcoming industrial revolution, Industry 4.0
  • Promoting the eradication of illicit drug trafficking in Latin America.
  • Addressing the economic blockade of Qatar by neighboring countries in the Gulf Crisis

Security Council

  • Evaluating the escalating tensions between the United States, its allies and DPRK.
  • Reappraising the predicament facing South Sudan.
  • Addressing the current political crisis in Guinea-Bissau.

Historical Committee

  • Soviet War in Afghanistan

Historical Committee may divide into cabinets according with the course of events