Disarmament Committee

  • The regulation of foreign military intervention and aid in Eastern Ukrainian Territories
  • Governing the usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Afghanistan
  • Eradication of War Remnants

​Political Committee

  • Issue of negotiating the rights, control, and exploitation of natural resources found within maritime borders with respect to the East China Sea
  • Question of Sovereignty over the Gaza Strip and West Bank
  • Government Accountability and transparency, or lack thereof, in Less Economically Developed Countries

Human Rights Committee

  • Russian influence or interference on domestic media
  • Usage of Chemical Weapons in Eastern Ghouta
  • Regulation of usage, storage, and protection of personal information

Environmental Committee

  • Environmental impacts of rapid and severe increases in population
  • Pursuit of new and abundant natural resources and ramifications thereof
  • Increasing the Availability of Clean Water and Implementing Sanitation Measures in Africa and the Middle East

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • The complications arising from the advancements in technology with regard to unemployment and economic instability
  • Integrating sustainable development into post-conflict reconstruction
  • Creating a Framework to Assist Less Economically Developed Countries in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

Security Council

  • Question of Congo
  • Abrogate Al-Shabab’s dominance in Somalia
  • Issue of Western Sahara

Historical Committee

  • Battle of Stalingrad